These are a few of my favorite things.

    "The Internet 3.0" Podcast

    Co-Host / Executive Producer

    Mission: Tell the story of the new Internet in partnership with Blockstack

    New York, NY


    In collaboration with Ryan Shea & Muneeb Ali - co-founders of Blockstack - I'm sitting down with some of the most impactful players in technology to find out where we are today, how we got here, and what tomorrow looks like on the Internet.


    "Wolf 359" Audio Drama Podcast

    Co-Executive Producer / Lead Actor

    Mission: Find Alien Life Before Being Possessed by a Mutant Plant Monster

    Leo Constellation


    I helped co-found the Webby Award nominated sci-fi/comedy audio drama that recently celebrated its seven millionth download. I also voice Eiffel (our lazy anti-hero), Hilbert (resident mad scientist), and several other characters aboard the USS Hephaestus Space Station orbiting star Wolf 359. We recently completed a successful brand partnership with SiriusXM's new social audio app, Spoke.

    Mission: Empower Students as their Own First Line of Defense Against Stress, Anxiety, & Depression

    USA + Singapore


    Created in 2012, Uplift is an international mental health awareness campaign that literally lets people lift (a model of) planet earth with their mind by relaxing, using brainwave sensing technology (see my TED talk to hear the story). I've spoken at Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital, TEDx National University of Singapore, the National Alliance on Mental Illness Southwestern Pennsylvanian Chapter's annual conference, and more. I've also partnered with University of Pennsylvania, The New York City Parks Department, and The David Lynch Foundation, and more to bring our signature mindfulness event out into the world.

    Beastly Productions

    Branded Content Studio & Consultancy

    Mission: Create Media that Produces Business Results

    Brooklyn, New York


    Specializing in podcasts, promotional videos, tutorials, and live streams, Beastly Productions is a one-stop shop for all your media needs.



    Mission: Monthly videos about creativity and self-care



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